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Kristin was ready to step-down. Today, she enjoys a double digit salary increase, promotion, fewer hours in the office, living in flow.

“CWU taught me I truly can have it all; family, health, career - I can have it all at once!”

I’m perfectionist, and I want everything to be perfect and to succeed. And I learned to let go. Sometimes you can’t hold everything.

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Lean-in was taking a toll. With CWU, Wendy works 10 hours less per week, nabbed a promotion, and is fully present for her husband.

“Work was getting the best of me… today BOTH work and my private life get the best me.”

Shawn was edgy and exhausted after work. Now, she builds make-believe forts, is patient, & is FUN at home.

“This is 8 weeks where you have time to think through everything & put it into practice; something a one-week intensive could never do.”
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Mina, was anxious and stressed all the time. Today, she is in complete control, content, and confident.

"I wanted more than a meaningful career… I wanted a meaningful life.”

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