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I wanted to connect the two of you! <COLLEAUGE NAME>, Kate is the best in the world at teaching women how to succeed on their own terms and stop the insane trade-offs to our health, relationships, and peace of mind. She’s made a huge impact on me, and I definitely think you two should talk.

Kate, <COLLEAGUE NAME> is an incredible businesswoman with an amazing track record. I can only imagine her impact once she has your well-being and leadership strategies in play.

I’ll let you two take it from here, but let me know if you need any help.

How it works

introduce us

Referring your friends and colleagues is easy. Just send a three-way message introducing your friend to Kate via email or LinkedIn.

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Your colleague will be given white-glove treatment and matched with a breakthrough coach who can best support her.

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When your friend enrolls into CWU™ and completes the program, we will send your gift and Inner Circle invite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Describe Corporate women unleashed?

Tell your story. What did Corporate Women Unleashed™ do for you? What was your life like before CWU and what is the result now?

Who will speak to my referral?

We will select the breakthrough coach best suited to advise your colleague. If you have a specific coach in mind, let us know!

How will I receive my gift?

When your colleague completes CWU, we will ask you which you prefer: a program credit of $1,500 or a check of $1,000.

What if i don't want my facebook posts seen by my referral?

No problem. Just let us know and we will delete your posts. Protecting your confidentiality is important to us.

The way women are taught to succeed isn't working.

Let's change this together.

*By using this referral link you agree to the Inner Circle Terms™