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If You Can't Watch Now, We'll Send You A Replay

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A CWU testimonial from an Aerospace Executive who has found peace.
I feel that after 20 years, I finally have peace of mind and balance in my life...
CEO, Aerospace & Defense
A CWU testimonial from a Nonprofit CMO who calmly balances her job & motherhood.
My colleagues were getting the best of me and my family was getting the worst. Not anymore! I have the exact same role, but now I am 100% present for my five-year-old and two-year-old.
CMO, Non-Profit
A CWU testimonial from a Hospital Exec who has gained ease, control & energy.
I had a profound sense of impending burnout; today I have the utmost control over my schedule and spend my time doing the things I want to do...
Hospital Administrator & OBGYN, Healthcare
A CWU testimonial from a Nursing Director who trades stress for peace & calm.
I never acknowledged that I was just as important as all those people I was trying to help.
Director of Women's Services, Hospital & Healthcare
A CWU testimonial from a Chiropractor who balances clinic ownership and motherhood.
This program is going to unlock those golden handcuffs. You will no longer feel caged.
Chiropractor, Private Practice
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Everyone goes through tough times, and we need to be resourceful. That does not mean you cannot have it all.
Medical Science Executive, Biotechnology



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Kate Byars quickly climbed the corporate ladder, becoming International Vice President of a billion-dollar corporation by age 30. On paper everything was perfect, complete with a driver, housekeeper, and personal shopper.

But on the inside, Kate was constantly under pressure and overwhelmed by her workload. This intensity was starkly highlighted when she couldn’t even find time to make a dentist appointment… a situation so relatable that another top-level female executive half-jokingly remarked, “Why do you think we all wear dentures?”

This unsustainable lifestyle eventually led her to sell everything and spend a year on remote islands. In this period of reflection and change, she got married, started a family, and then re-entered the corporate world, armed with valuable insights. Insights that later became the foundation of The Goodlife Institute.