How to Avoid Burnout
Without Stepping Back From Your Career




The Goodlife Institute is a well-being company changing how the game of success is played. Our flagship program, Corporate Women Unleashed, teaches hyper-successful women how to protect their careers from burnout and enjoy their success.



Founder & Creator

Kate is the founder and creator of the Corporate Women Unleashed method ― the only program that truly unlocks the gilded cage without a trade-off. She’s helped hundreds of women worldwide protect their careers from burnout and lean into deeply meaningful personal lives without walking away or stepping back.

Professional headshot of Jadine Cleary, Director of Performance Coaching at The Goodlife Institute.

Jadine Cleary

VP of Client Experience

A former competitive sport coach, Jadine developed athletes to medals at 3 World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Her portfolio also encompasses coaching top executives including the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Her passion is helping top-tier talent thrive in high-stress environments while living deep, meaningful lives.

Professional headshot of Melinda Szwak, Senior Performance Coach at The Goodlife Institute.

Melinda Szwak

Performance Coach

Melinda’s passion integrates mindset training with corporate strategy using a blend of science and intuition to unlock human potential at a subconscious level. As a manager at Paychex, she discovered her talent for coaching and over the past decade has developed a robust coaching portfolio that also includes integrative nutrition, yoga, and health coaching.


Lucia Onieva

Performance Coach

Lucia helps leaders and life daredevils connect and align with their true essence so they get to thrive living a life of absolute balance, purpose, freedom, and joy. Her coaching brings together science-based knowledge with years of experience working with high-achieving people in high-pressure industries. She uses emotional intelligence and agility implementation tools, NLP, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy fundamentals to create life-changing results.

Mike Clouse

Performance Coach

With over 10 years of experience as a leadership and sales coach, Mike leverages explorative questions and holistic listening to empower female business leaders and executives to eliminate any trade-offs between their successful careers and personal lives. Mike has a passion for helping high-achievers gain the clarity, direction, and freedom needed to manage huge careers and create fulfilling lives.

Andrew Fodge

Performance Coach

With experience as an elite athletic coach, Andrew is uniquely qualified to apply peak performance techniques to help our clients achieve their goals. He is also passionate about assisting clients in reaching higher levels of success and achievement on their own terms and avoiding any personal trade-offs in their personal lives.

Ali Swan

Performance Coach 

Ali is driven to help successful female executives create a “full cup” life. Drawing on somatic strategies and neuroscience-based coaching techniques, Ali helps clients dive deep to discover what truly brings them joy, nurtures their souls, and empowers them to transform how they operate in their careers so they can avoid burnout and blaze their own path to success without any sacrifice. 

Professional headshot of Kendra Court, Breakthrough Coach at The Goodlife Insitute.

Kendra Court

Breakthrough Coach

Kendra has a successful track portfolio in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, she suffered her own burnout, which led to stepping back. Unfulfilled with a lesser role, today her passion is helping other strong women avoid the same misstep. She is a fierce advocate for ending the cycle of burnout and helping women clearly see a path to living a healthier version of success.

Professional headshot of Summer Bellamy, Breakthrough Coach at The Goodlife Insitute.

Summer Bellamy

Breakthrough Coach

Since the age of 14, Summer has been a student of personal development and human potential which gives her deep expertise in helping senior level women understand the lesser-known and more advanced pathways to achieve personal fulfillment and life balance. An ardent champion of women, she has spent her career in leadership roles for women-owned businesses. 

Professional headshot of Abbey Warzynski, Director of Operations at The Goodlife Institute.

Abbey Warzynski

Business Success Engineer 

Having worked in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of advertising, Abbey has brought her capacity for simplifying the complex and creating intuitive and streamlined client experience to our team. Her operational leadership allows our clients to receive a legendary ecosystem and personalized experience which leads to even greater results.

Professional headshot of Sara Phillips, Client Success Manager at The Goodlife Institute.

Sara Phillips

Client Success Manager

Sara is a top-tier executive assistant well-versed in the coaching and personal growth industry. She understands the courage required when undertaking a significant life change and she loves being a resource to ease the journey where possible. Sara works alongside the performance coaching team to ensure every client receives a seamless and transformational experience.

Sara Zuboff

Content Manager

An experienced content writer, Sara specializes in building marketing campaigns rooted in integrity and empathy. Sara’s passion is creating powerful messages that promote the well-being of high-achieving women. A working mom herself, Sara has a first-person understanding of burnout in the corporate and entrepreneurial space. It is this experience that drives her to help other women have a high quality of both life & career.

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