How to Avoid Burnout
Without Stepping Back From Your Career
Kate Byars | The Goodlife Institute

The Women
in Business Podcast

Learn How to Work Smarter, Influence More, and Prioritize Your Personal Life Without Burning Out!

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Business owners, you do not have to be the hardest-working person in the room to make your business succeed. My guest this week, Jen, has started not one, but two successful businesses and in this episode, she shares how she disrupted the status quo and went from trying to do it all, overworking and only […]

Thinking of a sabbatical as a Hail Mary pass to cure your burnout? Not so much.    In this week’s episode, I share the value a sabbatical can have on a high-level career and quality of life while disrupting the myths surrounding this misunderstood strategy.   Before you book your leave of absence, tune in.

As the only female partner in her division at a Big 4 accounting firm, Tabitha has a prominent, cutting-edge career. She knew her all-or-nothing approach and perfectionism weren’t working and holding her back from enjoying her success. Tabitha was determined to break the mold and curate a healthier approach for herself and her team. Today, […]

Do you struggle with stress eating? Or maybe years of working full-out, focused on advancing your career has pushed taking care of your health to the bottom of your priorities?  Success isn’t fun if we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin and our health is suffering. In this episode, I share the simple strategies […]

Successful women, I have to say it. We are our own worst enemies. You know it. I know it. We make things harder than they need to be. We love the tough stuff and we are gluttons for punishment. It’s not your fault – you were given this wiring. But now that you know, let’s […]

My guest is a powerhouse Chief Information Officer for a global bank. Jo leads a team of 100 in delivering flawless digital services designed to help customers prosper and thrive. With no downtime and little room for error, Jo knew that her relentless schedule wasn’t sustainable. Determined to have a thriving personal life with her […]

Is your reputation built on how much you DO not WHO you are? If you’ve built a reputation for getting it done, you’re likely to find yourself pigeon-holed and trapped in a constant game of whack-a-mole. Sure, you are successful but there are huge trade-offs in your personal life. In this episode, I share the […]

Do you feel like you’re hanging on by your fingernails trying to get it all done?   Do you keep telling yourself you’ll get a break only to see any hope of it disappear in a tornado of business expansion, leadership conundrums, and family obligations?   In this episode, we shine a light on the […]

Ladies, how many times have you been told by well-meaning friends, “you can’t have it all”. This cultural myth leads high-performers to believe they have to choose between an illustrious career or a fulfilling personal life.   Nothing can be further from the truth and in this episode, I share the strategies high-powered women use […]